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Practice Areas

Peter A. Cohen, P.A. represents clients from throughout Florida in all manner of trust and estate disputes, including:

We also offer experienced representation in the areas of:

Will Contests


We represent clients in connection with will contests and challenges to the validity of a will, including cases where the testator suffered from Alzheimer's or dementia, and cases involving:

  • Fraud
  • Lack of Capacity
  • Undue Influence
  • Duress
  • Improper Execution
  • Mistakes

Probate Litigation


We represent clients in mediation, trials and appeals involving any probate litigation matter, including:

  • Executor Issues
  • Fiduciary Duties
  • Determination of Beneficiaries
  • Construing the terms of a Will
  • Removal of Personal Representative

Trust Litigation


Our areas of representation in trust litigation include:

  • Challenging the Acts of a Trustee
  • Removal of Trustee
  • Accounting Disputes
  • Motions to Compel Disclosure of Information & Accounting
  • Trustee Compensation

Guardianship Litigation


We represent clients in all aspects of guardianship litigation, including:

  • Removal of Guardian
  • Actions to Compel Disclosure of Information or an Accounting
  • Reasonableness of the Guardian's Compensation
  • Review of Sale of Assets

Probate & Trust Administration


In addition to providing representation in trust and estate disputes, we also offer experienced and comprehensive assistance and representation in probate and trust administration. We assist our clients with all aspects of the administration of an estate or trust, including advice regarding business decisions and assistance with the management of any real property interests.

Tax Litigation


We represent taxpayers before the Examination, Appeals and Collection Divisions of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and in U.S. Tax Court.

Insurance Litigation

We represent policyholders in first party claims against insurance companies, including disputes over coverage, bad faith, and denial of benefits.

Offering Over Three Decades of Experience

We are experienced litigators with an established track record of achieving successful results on behalf of our clients, and a reputation in the Florida legal community for favorably resolving complex and challenging cases. For a consultation regarding your specific matter, contact Peter A. Cohen, P.A.